Lloyds Kyoto "Chocolate Chocolate Board [Wasanbon Toffee & Yuzu]".

A new product from Lloyds Kyoto, "Chocolate Plate [Wasanbon Toffee & Yuzu]" will be sold at Porta "Kyokonomi" in the underground shopping mall in front of Kyoto Station and in mobile vending cars touring Kyoto Prefecture. The product weighs 120g (4.23oz) and is priced at 702 yen (tax included).

Chocolate Plate [Wasanbon Toffee & Yuzu]

The chocolate is made from a peel of yuzu (a citron grown in Mizuo, Kyoto Prefecture), a crispy toffee made from mildly sweet wasanbon (a type of candy made from butter, sugar, syrup, etc., cooked at high temperatures to give it a crunchy texture), and crushed almonds. With each bite, you can enjoy the different textures of the yuzu peel, homemade toffee, and almonds, and the refreshing aroma of yuzu spreads in your mouth.

About Lloyd's Kyoto

Kyoto is a city that respects history and tradition, but also flexibly takes in new cultures and nurtures them in its own unique way. Lloyd's of Hokkaido has met Kyoto and created a new sweet that transcends the boundaries between Japanese and Western cultures. Using not only ingredients produced in Kyoto, but also ingredients that have been familiar in Kyoto since ancient times, Lloyds Kyoto delivers a taste that is unique to Kyoto.