Lloyds "Chocolate Board [Baked Apple]".

Chocolate Board [Baked Apple]", "Fruit Praline Chocolat with Sake [Assortment of 3 kinds]", and "Apple Chocolate [Premium]" are now on sale at Lloyds mail order and Lloyds directly-managed stores. Sales will end as soon as the products are gone.

Chocolate Chocolate Board [Baked Apple].

Spices are added by soaking baked apples in "Glühwein," a wine to which spices are added, and "Calvados Blur XO," an apple brandy, and then sprinkled over milk chocolate. Unbaked apples, which remain crispy, are also added. The mellow aroma and pleasant texture of the apples soaked in wine meld with the mild milk chocolate. Contents 115g (4.06oz), price 702 yen (tax included).

Lloyds "Chocolate Board [Baked Apple]".

Fruit praline chocolates with a hint of liquor [assortment of three types] (9 pieces in total of three types, priced at 1,059 yen (tax included))

Three types of chocolate with fruit pulp and jam, each with a ganache that goes well with the other. 9 pieces in total, priced at 1,059 yen (tax included).

Lloyds "Fruit praline chocolates with a hint of Western liquor [assortment of 3 kinds]".

The "Apricot" is a ganache made with ripe apricot liqueur and sweet and sour apricot jam, encased in white chocolate.

The "Pomme (apple)" is a ganache sweetened with cinnamon caramel and filled with caramelized apples soaked in apple brandy liqueur and encased in milk chocolate.

The "Griot (Cherry)" is a ganache flavored with kirsch (cherry brandy) and cherry liqueur, filled with griotte cherries soaked in kirsch syrup, and encased in richly cocoa-scented chocolate.

Lloyds "Fruit praline chocolates with a hint of Western liquor [assortment of 3 kinds]".

The mail order period for the "Chocolate Plates [Baked Apples]" and "Wine-Scented Fruit Praline Chocolates [Assortment of 3 Types]" is from September 1 to January 4, 2023 (delivery requested from September 4 to January 7, 2023).

Apple Chocolate [Premium].

Carefully selected Japanese sugar-soaked apples are coated with chocolate with a moderate sweetness. The soft texture is softly fragrant with apple brandy, and the gentle sweetness of the apples harmonizes with the rich cocoa aroma of the chocolate. Contents: 8 pieces (4 pieces x 2 bags), priced at 1,080 yen (tax included).

Lloyds "Apple Chocolate [Premium]".

The mail order period is from September 1 to February 11, 2023 (requested delivery dates are from September 4 to February 14, 2023).