Lloyds "Chestnut Chocolat", "Chestnut Petit Chiffon", "Plafille Chocolat [Chestnut]".

Sweets that allow you to enjoy the taste of autumn are available for a limited time and in limited quantities from September 1 at Lloyd's mail order and Lloyd's directly-managed stores. This year, too, the limited edition products popular every fall, filled with the delicacies of chestnuts, pumpkins, and potatoes, are on sale.

Chestnut terrine chocolat

A terrine made by steaming and baking a dough mixture of marron cream, roasted chestnut paste, marron chocolate, and marron liqueur, with sugar-soaked Italian marrons. The bottom is coated with a refreshingly sweet chocolate coating. The rich taste of chestnuts spreads through the moist and smooth texture. The product contains 3 pieces and is priced at 972 yen (tax included, same as below).

Lloyds "Chestnut terrine chocolat

Nama Chocolate [Chestnut]

Milk chocolate blended with marron powder gives this raw chocolate a direct taste of chestnuts. The sweetly-scented rum and brandy enhance the flavor of the chestnuts. Contents: 20 pieces, priced at 778 yen.

Lloyds "Fresh Chocolate [Chestnut]".

Chestnut Chocolat

A smooth milk chocolate ganache with a chestnut flavor is mixed with grains of marron glace made from Italian chestnuts and wrapped in a lightly sweetened chocolate. The secret ingredient of chestnut liqueur enhances the flavor. The product contains 6 pieces and is priced at 897 yen.

Lloyds "Chestnut Chocolat

Lloyds Crunchy Trifle [Chestnut]

Chestnut-flavored cream is wrapped in a limited-edition raw chocolate [chestnut] trifle. The crunchy fiantine accents the texture. The mouth feels soft and comfortable, and the flavor of chestnuts is pleasantly fragrant from the moment you eat it, deepening the more you savor it. Contents: 12 pieces, priced at 594 yen.

Lloyds "Lloyds Crunchy Trif [Chestnut]".

Chestnut Petit Chiffon

Chestnut cream and cocoa are kneaded into the baked dough, giving it a moist and fluffy texture. Inside is a chestnut cream with a hint of rum. Contents: 4 pieces, priced at 648 yen.

Lloyds "Chestnut Petit Chiffon

Chocolate Wafer [Mont Blanc Cream (12 pieces)

Richly flavored Mont Blanc cream is sandwiched between four layers of wafers and coated with chocolate. The crispy texture and mellow chestnut flavor combine to create a delightful sensation. Contents: 12 pieces, priced at 778 yen.

Lloyds "Chocolate Wafer [Mont Blanc Cream 12 pieces]".

Plafeuille Chocolat [Chestnut]

Chestnut-flavored chocolate with a rich chestnut-flavored sauce inside. One bite and the sauce will melt and overflow from the inside. Contents: 30 pieces, priced at 778 yen.

Lloyds "Plafeuille Chocolat [Chestnut]".

Lloyds Bar Chocolate [Pumpkin and Pistachio

Chocolate that harmonizes the flavor of dusty pumpkin with the savory taste of pistachios and a crunchy texture. Chocolate kneaded with pumpkin powder and caramelized sugar powder is combined with roasted pistachios and pumpkin flakes. The product contains 6 pieces and is priced at 918 yen.

Lloyds Bar Chocolate [Pumpkin and Pistachio

Raw Chocolate [Yaki-imo]

The image of a rich sweet Anouimo (roasted sweet potato). White chocolate is flavored with baked Anno sweet potato powder and Anno sweet potato paste, and then flavored with sweet potato shochu and baked sweet potato shochu. The aroma of yaki-imo and the rich sweetness of Anno sweet potato melt together. The product contains 20 pieces and is priced at 821 yen.

Lloyds "Raw Chocolate [Yaki-imo]".

Orders for the Lloyds mail order service are accepted from September 1 to October 27 (delivery is available from September 4 to October 31). Sales at both Lloyds mail order and Lloyds directly-managed stores will end as soon as the product is gone.