Matsuya "Sumikko Gurashi" collaboration

Matsuya "Sumikko Gurashi" Collaboration

A campaign in which "original sticker sets" and "original can badges" created in collaboration with "Sumikko Gurashi" will be offered as prizes at Matsuya sequentially. You can receive them by ordering the target menu items.

The menu items with prizes are as follows as of March 2023. All prices include tax.

Beef rice wakuwaku set: 660 yen
・ Beef rice 3 pieces wakuwaku set: 1,000 yen
・ Beef rice 5 pieces wakuwaku set: 1,600 yen
・ Beef rice trio wakuwaku set: 1,240 yen
・ Okosama beef rice wakuwaku set: 390 yen
・ Okosama curry wakuwaku set: 390 yen
・ Okosama hamburg steak wakuwaku set: 500 yen
・ wakuwaku plus: 280 yen

Original stick

er set "Original sticker set" will be available in a total of 8 different sets of 2 stickers per set. You can receive one set when you order one item from the menu. You cannot choose the type of sticker.

The campaign period is from March 11 to 25, 2023. Each store will switch to the original sticker set when the existing Sumikko Gurashi goods "Original A4 Clear File" is finished.

Sumikko Gurashi "Original Sticker Set
Original sticker set



Badges "Original Can Badges" are available in a total of 8 types. You can receive one when you order one of the menu items. You cannot choose the type of badge.

The campaign period is from mid-April 2023. Once the distribution of the original sticker set ends, the original can badges will be distributed one after another.

"Sumikko Gurashi" "Original Can Badge
Original can badge

Please contact each store directly for the distribution status of the prizes. The distribution will end as soon as they are gone. The campaign does not apply to "Matsunoya specialty stores," "Mycalee Shokudo specialty stores," and "Matsunoya with Mycalee Shokudo" stores.