Mos Burger "Sanrio Characters" Collaboration Toy Original Puzzle
Mos Burger "Sanrio Characters" collaboration toy Original puzzle




rio Characters" Collaboration


Mos Burger will introduce "Sanrio Characters" collaboration toys, available from March 24 to mid-May 2023, in limited quantities for sets for children and low-allergen menu items. It will be attached to the product.

Mos Burger "Sanrio Characters" collaboration toy mini message card set
Mini Message Card Set

The toys depict popular characters such as "Hello Kitty," "Cinnamoroll," "Pom Pom Pudding," "Kuromi," "Pochakko," "My Melody," "Little Twin Stars," and "Hangyodong.

Mos Burger "Sanrio Characters" Collaboration Toys Jiji
sheet of plastic (or cardboard, felt, etc.) placed under writing paper

There are four types of toys available: an original puzzle, a mini message card set, a clear sticker, and a shijiji, from which customers can choose one of their favorites when ordering from the menu. The toys available are subject to availability at the store. Sanrio characters will also appear on hamburger wrappers, paper bags, and other packaging materials.

Mos Burger "Sanrio Characters" collaboration toy clear sticker
Clear Sticker

In addition, customers can participate in the "Aikotoba Sagashi," a project linked to the "2023 Sanrio Character Awards," a popularity contest for Sanrio characters that will be held for the 38th time in 2023. By entering the "Aikotoba" (meaning "love words") found in the instruction manual that comes with the collaboration toys on the dedicated website, users can vote for Sanrio characters. The voting period is from April 11 to May 26, 2023.

The "Mos Wai Wai Set" and "Low Allergen Menu: Drink and Toy Set" are the menu items for the collaboration toys.


Wai Wai Set "Mos Wai Wai Set" is a combination of "Wai Wai Mos Cheeseburger", "Wai Wai Burger", "Wai Wai Cheeseburger", "Wai Wai Nuggets" with "French Fries S" and either "Cold Drink S" or "Fruits and Vegetables". . The burgers are gently seasoned without mustard or raw onions to suit children. Prices range from 520 to 640 yen (tax included, same below). Mos Shake S" can be selected as a drink for an additional 50 yen.

Mos Burger "Mos Wai Wai Set
Mos Wai Wai Set

Low Allergen Menu: Set with Drink and


The "Low Allergen Menu: Set with Drink and Toy" is a menu that takes into consideration the seven major allergenic ingredients: eggs, milk, wheat, shrimp, crab, buckwheat, and peanuts. The set includes a pork sandwich [rice flour] or pork roll [rice flour] and either a cold drink S or a fruit and vegetable. The price is 580 yen.

Mos Burger "Low Allergen Menu Set with Drink and Toy"
Low allergen menu Set with drink and toy

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