Sumikko Gurashi Confectionery Series 2nd

From Kai, as the second confectionery series of the popular character "Sumikko Gurashi", "Minikko Silicone Chocolate Type Sumikko Gurashi", "Hitotsubu Choco Type Sumikko Gurashi", "Deco Stick Chocolate Type Sumikko" Three items of "Kogurashi" will be sold.

Sumikko Gurashi Confectionery Series 2nd

This time, following the first confectionery series that was released in 2020 and was well received, the second confectionery series that makes making sweets even more fun is now available. In the second lineup, chocolates with silhouettes of characters, silicone molds that can make chocolates with patterns, and deco stick chocolate molds that can be made in combination with commercially available sweets will be developed. The lineup is as follows.

Minico Silicone Chocolate Type Sumikko Gurashi

You can make a total of 25 chocolates in the shape of "furoshiki", "fried shrimp tail", "zasso", "tapioca", and "sparrow", 5 each at a time. Made of silicone, it is easy to remove from the mold, and you can also make gummies and ice. The price is 935 yen (tax included, same below).

One chocolate type Sumikko Gurashi

A silicone mold that can make 12 square chocolates with a Sumiko pattern at a time. You can enjoy various arrangements such as putting nuts and dried fruits inside, stacking biscuits, and making two-layer chocolate. The price is 935 yen each.

Deco stick chocolate type Sumikko Gurashi

A silicone type that can be combined with commercially available sweets to make stick-type chocolate. You can eat it without getting your hands dirty and it is perfect for a snack. You can also enjoy decoration with marzipan and marzipan. The price is 935 yen.