Re-Ment "Sumikko Gurashi Poka Pokasumi Gomori"

Re-Ment will release "Sumikko Gurashi Poka Pokasumi Gomori" on January 24, 2022. All 8 types. The price is 750 yen per box (excluding tax). The contents are random. All types of boxes with the sticker "All types of items are available" at the time of delivery are available.

Sumikko Gurashi Pokapo Kasumi Gomori

"Sumikko Gurashi Pokapo Kasumi Gomori" is a miniature product that imagines Sumikko and his friends relaxing in a warm house. The Sumikos wearing warm hoodies are cute. One box contains a figure and a mini seat.

The lineup is as follows.

Warm fireplace Making warm soup Fish pie Cheese fondue Amimono Reading companion Relaxing winter party on the sofa

If you are a Sumikko fan, you want to complete "Sumikko Gurashi Poka Pokasumi Gomori". The Sumikos who enjoy winter gourmet food in a warm room are cute. It might be fun to take a picture with your own figure or doll. Why don't you pick it up when you see it?

* The actual product and photos may differ slightly.