Choco Egg (Sumikko Gurashi 2)" from Furuta Confectionery

Choco Eggs (Sumikko Gurashi 2)" will be sold by Furuta Confectionery. The release date is October 24. The price is 264 yen per piece (tax included).

Choco Egg (Sumikko Gurashi 2)

Sumikko Gurashi is a popular character among people of all ages who will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2022. This second volume of Sumikko Gurashi's cute-sized choco eggs is also available. There are many cute figures, such as Sumikko as sushi and Sumikko hugging a piece of bread. Why don't you create your own Sumiko space by lining up many of them? Total 21 kinds + 1 secret figure are included in the box at random. The lineup is as follows

(1) Shirokuma & Furoshiki
(2) Pengin? (2) Pengin & Tapioka
(3) Tonkatsu
(4) Cat
(5) Lizards & Spiders
(6) Tapioka & Zassou & Mountain
(7) White tuna
(8) Penguins? (8) Penguins?
(9) Tonkatsu nigiri
(10) Cat Inari
(11)lizard roll
(12) White bear
(13) Pengin?
(14) pork cutlet
(15) cat
(16) lizard
(17) White bear
(18) Penguins? (18) Penguins & Tapioca
(19) pork cutlet & shrimp thief's tail
(20) cat
(21) lizard
(S) Secret

Choco Egg (Sumikko Gurashi 2)" from Furuta Confectionery

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