Yayoiken "Spicy Uma-Men


will release "Spicy Uma-Men," a Yayoiken-style rendition of Miyazaki's famous spicy noodles, on March 14 (Tuesday).


Uma Noodles "Spicy Uma Noodles" is a Yayoiken-style arrangement of a Miyazaki specialty with chewy noodles and a spicy soup full of flavor that is a perfect match. A simple soy sauce-based soup with chicken and pork broth is combined with spicy oil to create a rich flavor.

Yayoiken "Spicy Uma-Men

Ingredients of minced pork, chives, and eggs are added with a blend of four kinds of chili peppers and garlic, and thick noodles are used. The result is a deliciously spicy finish that is perfect with rice. The noodles are made with a thicker consistency and are perfect with rice. The spiciness of the noodles and the delicious chicken and pork broth create a perfect balance.

For those who seek more spiciness, "Spicy Uma Noodles (


times spicier than usual)" is also available. It contains three times the usual blend of four types of chili peppers, and is characterized by a tingling spiciness that will please even the hottest of eaters.

Yayoiken "[Spicy 3 times spicier] Spicy Uma-Men".

The menu also includes a stand-alone item. Prices including tax are as follows

Spicy Uma Noodles (with rice) 790 yen
Spicy Uma Noodles (single item) 720 yen
[3x spiciness] Spicy Uma Noodles (with rice) 850 yen
[3x spiciness] Spicy Uma Noodles (single item) 780 yen