Ministop "Frozen Yogurt White Peach

Ministop "Frozen Yogurt White Peach"

From Ministop's long-selling "Frozen Yogurt" lineup, "Frozen Yogurt White Peach" will go on sale on Tuesday, February 28. The price is 170.64 yen (tax included).

Frozen Yogurt White


From "Frozen Yogurt," a long-selling product since its inception, comes a second flavor in 2023: white peach flavor, one of the most popular peach flavors. Like the frozen yogurt plain, it contains live lactic acid bacteria. It contains 5% fruit juice and pulp, giving it a pleasant texture and a refreshing aftertaste. Calories are 87 kcal.

Frozen Y

ogurt The regular frozen yogurt is a long-selling product and has been sold year-round since its establishment in 1980. In stores, it can be found in the ice cream section in the frozen temperature zone, but because it is strictly in the fermented milk category (yogurt with live bacteria), it has an "expiration date" that is not present in regular ice cream. For this reason, the same strict production and management procedures are implemented as for yogurt. Because it is fermented milk, the original rich taste of yogurt can be enjoyed.

Ministop "Frozen Yogurt

The price is 140.40 yen (tax included). Calories are 117 kcal.

* Tax included prices are shown at the reduced tax rate of 8% that applies to take-out. The standard tax rate of 10% applies when eating or drinking at the eat-in space. When purchased as a single item, the price including tax is rounded down to the nearest whole number.