Tully's "Espresso Shake" and "& TEA Grapefruit Separate Tea

Espresso Shake" is now available at Tully's Coffee. In addition, "& TEA Grapefruit Separated Tea" and "Acai Yogurt Sour Cream" will be available from May 25.

Espresso Shake

The Espresso Shake is a classic Tully's summer drink that allows you to enjoy the taste of carefully brewed espresso in each cup. It can be customized in a wide range of ways, such as adding an espresso shot for a bitter taste or whipped cream for a milky richness. Prices start at 595 yen for a short drink (tax included, same below).

&Tea Grapefruit Separate Tea

&Tea Grapefruit Separate Tea is a refreshing fruit tea made with fresh white grapefruit juice and chunky pulp. The pleasant aroma of Earl Grey and the tartness of grapefruit make this a perfect drink for the warmer months. Prices start at 495 yen for a tall cup.

Acai Yogurt Sourdough

Tully's "Acai Yogurt Sourdough

Acai Yogurt Sour Cream is a refreshing and mild-flavored frozen drink that combines acai with Chichiyas "additive-free honey yogurt" containing Bifidobacterium bifidum that can reach the intestines alive. You can enjoy the rich sweetness of banana and Tully's honey in a fruity and refreshing flavor. Tall size only, priced at 660 yen.