Pastel "Sakura Saku Pudding" and "Nyameraka Sakura Pudding

Pastel Sakura Sweets

Pastel will offer cherry blossom sweets perfect for spring from March 1 (Wed) to April 30 (Sun). The lineup includes "Sakura Saku Pudding," "Nyameraka Sakura Pudding," and "Smooth Sakura Pudding.


Saku P

udding is a new sweet that is perfect for the cherry blossom viewing season. Sakura pudding is layered with sweet bean paste and Sakura jelly, and decorated with strawberry mousse and whipped cream resembling Sakura petals.

Pastel "Cherry Blossom Pudding

The toppings are decorated with kuzu-an sauce and sakura crunch, and the sweetness is followed by a hint of saltiness for an irresistible taste. The different textures and flavors can be enjoyed in a Japanese atmosphere. Priced at 680 yen per piece (tax included).

Meow Meow

Sakura P

udding The popular "Meow Meow


Pudding" is now dressed up in cherry blossom colors to coincide with the arrival of spring. The smooth Sakura pudding is combined with fluffy whipped cream and sponge, and the elegant Sakura flavor spreads. It is a perfect gift to celebrate graduation, entrance into school, or to cheer up a new life. Priced at 460 yen per piece (tax included).

Pastel "Nyameraka Sakura Pudding


Sakura P

udding Smooth pudding with the refined sweetness and gentle aroma of cherry blossoms. The Sakura Pudding is combined with a thick Sakura-flavored kuzu-an sauce to create a harmony of Japanese and Western flavors. The price is 460 yen per piece (tax included).

Pastel "Smooth Sakura Pudding

AEON MALL SHINRIFU MINAMIKAN, THE OUTLETS HIROSHIMA, and AEON MALL OKAZAKI will only carry "Nyameraka Sakura Pudding" and "Smooth Sakura Pudding".
Sales period is subject to change without notice.