Bourbon "Lumande Crunch Ice Cream



Crunch Ice Cream" Bourbon will release "Lemand Crunch Ice Cream", a cup ice cream topped with finely diced "Lemand" crepe cookies, on February 20 (Monday) in the Hokushinetsu region in advance.


Crunch Ice Cream is a cup of ice cream filled with the charm of "Lemand" different from the conventional "Lemand Ice Cream". The cocoa ice cream is covered with chocolate that can be smoothly spooned into the ice cream, and topped with finely crushed "Crunch Crepe".

The cocoa ice cream has a unique flavor reminiscent of Lumand cocoa cream. One bite and the sweetness of the cocoa ice cream, the pleasant texture of the "Crunch Crepe" and the bitterness of the chocolate will spread together. When the ice cream is softened for a while and then mixed together, you can enjoy the mellow taste of each ingredient harmonized with each other.

Product Outline】
Product Name: Lemand Crunch Ice Cream
Content: 110ml (3.72us fl oz)
Launch Date: February 20, 2023 (Monday), pre-sale in Hoku-Shinetsu region
Sales Channels (planned): Convenience stores, mass merchandisers, drug stores, retail stores, kiosks, etc.
Price: Open Price