Sukiya "Yakisoba Gyudon" and "Yakisoba Gyudon Homme Curry MIX"

Check out all the gourmet articles that are attracting attention for eating! Sukiya "Yakisoba Gyudon" and Starbucks 25th Anniversary Limited Goods.

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- Helmand a combination of ice banana custard [br /] taste and taste of custard banana " Helmand ice banana custard " will be released from Bourbon. It is a dish of "candy ice cream" proposed by Bourbon.

Bourbon "Rumando Ice Banana Custard"

・ Sukiya "Yakisoba Gyudon" "Yakisoba Gyudon Homme Curry MIX"
In commemoration of the release of "Movie Crayon Shin-chan Mystery Meki! Hana no Tenkas Gakuen" at Sukiya, " Yakisoba Gyudon " and "Yakisoba Gyudon Om Curry MIX" with the motif of "Yakisoba Bread" appearing in the play It will be released.

Sukiya "Yakisoba Gyudon" and "Yakisoba Gyudon Homme Curry MIX"

· Starbucks to commemorate the 25 anniversary limited goods [br /] Starbucks Japan landing 25th anniversary, a variety of " Starbucks 25th anniversary limited goods " appeared one after another. In the first installment, in addition to the 25th anniversary logo, there will be many special products such as green aprons, mugs, Frappuccino, Bearista, and tumblers and mugs with various motifs related to Starbucks.

Starbucks "Starbucks 25th Anniversary Limited Goods"

・ "Original Hello Kitty Folding Cool Bag"
A campaign to receive "Original Hello Kitty Folding Cool Bag" at Acecook will start. A collaboration between the cup noodle "Mottich" series and Sanrio character "Hello Kitty".

Campaign to receive "Original Hello Kitty Folding Cool Bag"

・ Ginza West "SPRING & SUMMER Can"
As a limited quantity sweets set of Ginza West, " SPRING & SUMMER can " with a spring-like design was announced on the official website. Contains 15 bags of dry cake in a can with yellow mimosa flowers.

Ginza West "SPRING & SUMMER Can"