Bourbon "Rumando Ice Amaou Strawberry" "Roanne Ice Amaou Strawberry"

From Bourbon, "Rumando Ice Amaou Strawberry" and "Roanne Ice Amaou Strawberry" using the fruit juice of Amaou Strawberry from Fukuoka Prefecture will be released on December 6th. Handling at convenience stores, mass retailers, drug stores, retail stores, shops, etc.

Rumando Ice Amaou Strawberry

Monaka ice cream with caramel-flavored mini-type "Rumando" in strawberry ice cream. By combining ice cream and white chocolate coaching, the taste of sweet and sour strawberries and the mellow milkiness blend together. You can enjoy a luxurious finish with caramel-flavored rumando as an accent on the elegantly sweet strawberry ice cream. The content is 150 ml, and the estimated price is 243 yen (tax included).

Bourbon "Rumando Ice Amaou Strawberry"

Roanne Ice Amaou Strawberry

Sandwich ice cream sandwiched between strawberry ice cream and gofuru "Roanne" sandwiched with vanilla cream. Strawberry ice cream is wrapped in strawberry-flavored chocolate coaching to create a rich aroma. The light texture of Roanne, the texture, and the refreshing taste of strawberries are combined to create a delicious taste. The content is 45 ml, and the estimated price is 200 yen (tax included).

Bourbon "Roanne Ice Amaou Strawberry"