Haagen-Dazs "Haagen-Dazs Bar Green Tea Kuromitsu Walnut

Check out all the new ice cream! Adult Soy Rum Raisin, Adult Soy Chocolat Orange, Palm Caramel Lovers (6-pack), Kumejima Red Sweet Potato Ice Cream, Koolish Green Vanilla, Haagen-Dazs Bar Green Tea Kuromitsu Walnut. Click on each product name link to jump to the detailed article page.

Adult Soy Rum Raisin Chocolat Orange

From the "Soy" line of ice cream featuring the delicious taste of soy milk, " Otona no Soy Rum Raisin" and "Otona no Soy Chocolat Orange" are now available. Aromatic Pistachio Ice Cream Bar," which allows you to enjoy the rich pistachio flavor, is also available.

Adult Soy Rum Raisin

Palm Caramel Lovers (6-pack)

The "PARM" brand of ice cream will release " Parm Caramel Lovers (6-pack)". This bar ice cream consists of caramel ice cream made with fermented butter and wrapped in caramel chocolate.

Ice Cream "PARM "Parm Caramel Lovers (6-pack)

Kumejima Red Imo Ice Cream

Bourbon will release " Kumejima no Beni Imo Ice Cream" using "Chura Koi Beni" red potatoes produced on Kumejima Island, Okinawa Prefecture. This is a "local ice cream" using ingredients unique to each region.

Bourbon "Kumejima Red Imo Ice Cream

Coulish Green Vanilla

Lotte's "drinking ice cream" brand "Coolish" will release " Coolish Green Vanilla. This new lineup is made with "vegetable milk" (not dairy products).

Lotte "Coolish Green Vanilla

Haagen-Dazs Bar Green Tea Kuromi Walnut

Haagen-Dazs Bar Green Tea Kuromitsu Walnut" will go on sale nationwide for a limited time. Matcha ice cream is coated with matcha chocolate and sprinkled with crunchy walnuts.

Haagen-Dazs "Haagen-Dazs Bar Green Tea Kuromitsu Walnut