Spring Uraku Saishoku" series from Saki Yoken
Spring Urareaka Colored Food Series

Saki Yoken Spring

Uraraka Saishoku


As part of the "Spring Uraraka Saishoku" series, Saki Yoken will introduce "Obento Spring," "Oishisa Chomochi Sakura Ebie Shiomai," and "Yokohama Gekimochi Sakura. They will be available at approximately 160 stores mainly in Kanagawa and Tokyo from February 1 to April 15, 2023.


Spring "Obento Spring" is sold at room temperature. This bento contains a small assortment of seasonal ingredients such as Spanish mackerel, bamboo shoots, Japanese butterbur, and rape blossoms. The deep-flavored "Bamboo shoot rice" is topped with cherry blossoms and sanseri. In addition, "Spanish mackerel grilled with herbs," which allows you to enjoy the flavor of the ingredients, and bite-sized "small Daifuku (rice cake filled with sweetened cherry blossom paste)" are also included, giving you the feeling of spring both in appearance and taste.

The assortment also includes "colorful tsukune (tsukune ne) cooked in a delicious sauce", "fuki nimono", "sakura-shaped konnyaku", "carrot nimono", "lotus root nimono", "rape blossoms, bamboo shoots, princess peel and egg with minced egg with hot sauce", "fried egg", "pickled cherry radish" and two pieces of "traditional shioumai".

The price is 780 yen.

Sakiyo-ken "Obento Haru
spring cleaning (usu. handing out a rice pudding, etc.)


Nagamochi Sakura

Ebi Shiomai "Oishisa Nagamochi Sakura Ebi Shiomai" is made with two seasonal ingredients, sakura shrimp and crispy bamboo shoots, for flavor and texture. The light cherry blossom-colored skin makes this seasonal shiomai very spring-like to look at. It can be served with wasabi soy sauce for a refreshing taste. It is one of the refrigerated "Oishisama Nagamochi" series, which can be conveniently used as a souvenir. Simply heat the bag in a microwave oven to enjoy the freshly made taste.

Each package contains 6 pieces and is priced at 750 yen.

Sakiyo-ken "Oishisa Nagamochi Sakuraebi Shiomai
Sakura shrimp shiomai with long-lasting flavor

Yokohama Mooncake


"Yokohama Mooncake Sakura" is characterized by the gentle aroma and sweetness of cherry blossom red bean paste. It is accented with the slightly salty taste of salted cherry blossom petals.

The "Yokohama Mooncake 5 pieces" (740 yen) comes in flavors of azuki beans, chestnuts, Uji green tea, and black sesame.

Sakiyo-ken "Yokohama Mooncake Cherry Blossom
Yokohama Mooncake Cherry Blossom