Papin [Lemon Milk Flavor]" Seasoning for Toast

House Foods Papan Lemon Milk Flavor

Papan [Lemon Milk Flavor] will be released from House Foods' Papan series of toast seasonings. The product will go on sale on February 13. The product will be available for sale on February 13th, and is 28g (0.99oz) in weight, priced at 130 yen (excluding tax).

All you have to do is spread butter or margarine on a slice of bread, sprinkle about 1 teaspoon of the product on a slice of bread, and bake it


You can enjoy the refreshing lemon and sweet milk flavors of toast (some flavors are used).

When developing this product, we struggled to find the right balance of lemon and milk flavors. The lemon flavor has been carefully balanced so that it is not overpowering. Ginger powder is also used to give a lemon flavor.

Papin series

The "Papin" series is a brand that allows consumers to enjoy bread flavors like those found in bakeries just by sprinkling. Lemon-flavored products have become popular in the bread-related category, and the new "Lemon Milk Flavor" adds a milk flavor that even children can enjoy.