House Foods "Spicy cod roe paste

House Shokuhin "Sp

icy cod roe paste" House Shokuhin will release "Spicy cod roe paste", a convenient paste in a tube, at supermarkets on February 13. The product has a content of 40g (1.41oz) and an estimated price of 170 yen (excluding tax).


Cod Roe Paste Cod roe is a popular ingredient, but some people complain that it is expensive even though they only want a little bit, that they cannot use it up within the expiration date, and that it is troublesome to break it into pieces. This led to the development of a product that is affordable and allows you to serve just the amount you want and enjoy the mentaiko flavor.

The flavor of mentaiko, kelp extract, and chili pepper are well balanced to create a delicious spicy flavor. You can easily enjoy the deliciousness of spicy cod roe in any amount you like, without worrying about having too much left over and without the hassle of unraveling it.

House Foods "Spicy cod roe paste

A particular challenge in the development of this product was to make the spicy cod roe taste long-lasting. Foods such as pickled plums, pickles, and jam are made to last longer by adding vinegar, salt, and sugar to fresh foods. Since cod roe is also a fish, this product uses the same principle to make the spicy cod roe taste longer lasting by devising a formula, but if the seasoning is too strong, the spicy cod roe will lose its originality. After repeated prototyping, we sought the optimum balance for long-lasting flavor.

House Foods "Spicy cod roe paste

It can be used in a wide variety of dishes such as side dishes, snacks, and bento boxes. It can be stored at room temperature before opening, so it is recommended as a stocking stuffer for when you have trouble with your menu.