Wendy's Fast Kitchen offers "Make Your Own Meat Sauce" and "Yakitsuki Bolognese" from Wendy's Fast Kitchen.

Wendy's and First Kitchen Two types of meat-based

pasta Wendy's and First Kitchen will sell two types of meat-based pasta, "Make Your Own Meat Sauce" and "YAMITSUKI Bolognese" at Wendy's First Kitchen and First Kitchen. The release date is January 26.

The "


Your Own Meat Sauce" is a dish in which you can make your own meat sauce by yourself, using an 80 gram Japanese pork hamburger steak, which you can break into pieces as you like. The sauce is a demi-glace sauce with the richness of red wine and the aroma of oregano and other herbs. The meaty texture of the meat is matched by the flavorful sauce, making this pasta with meat sauce a perfect match. Priced at 850 yen (tax included).

Wendy's Fast Kitchen "Make Your Own Meat Sauce


Bolognese "Yumitsuki Bolognese" is a vegetable paste made with ground beef, sauteed onions, carrots, celery, garlic, and natural cheese. The subtle accent of black pepper makes this Bolognese addictive. Priced individually at 750 yen.

Wendy's Fast Kitchen "Yumitsuki Bolognese