First Kitchen "Ramen-style fresh pasta"

"Ramen Fusei Pasta" will be on sale from First Kitchen on January 13th. Uses First Kitchen original fresh pasta with a chewy texture that contains whole grain flour and wheat bran. It has a deep taste like soup pasta and a slightly different authentic ramen.

Ramen-style fresh pasta Prosciutto and spinach soy milk cream soup

The richness of soy milk, the sweetness of fried onions and green onions, and the cream soup with kelp and dried bonito broth have a hint of garlic. It is a ramen-style fresh pasta that is perfect for winter, topped with prosciutto and spinach, and also incorporates an Italian taste. The price is 720 yen (tax included, same below).

Ramen-style fresh pasta Prosciutto ham and spinach soup

With a rich base that combines miso and peanut butter, the deliciousness of "fragrance," "spicyness," and "numbness" unique to authentic Sichuan cuisine is firmly drawn out with pepper, doubanjiang, and chili oil. Add prosciutto and spinach to the toppings and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese to further enhance the richness of the soup. The price is 690 yen.