Cafe de Clie "Poka Poka Yuzu Lemon-with domestic ginger syrup-"

Café de Clie will release the drink menu "Poka Poka Yuzu Lemon-with domestic ginger syrup-" and the food menu "Pasta sausage and fried peperoncino" on January 5, 2022.

Poka Poka Yuzu Lemon ~ With domestic ginger syrup ~

A juicy hot drink with a moderate sweet and sour taste, made by adding fresh lemon slices to yuzu tea made from Kochi prefecture's yuzu and honey. By adding spicy ginger syrup using the attached domestic ginger, you can enjoy a change in the taste that is sharp and firm. A dish that soothes your heart with the refreshing scent of yuzu and lemon. The price is 460 yen.

Cafe de Clie "Poka Poka Yuzu Lemon-with domestic ginger syrup-"

Pasta sausage and fried eggplant peperoncino

Peperoncino sauce with Japanese dashi stock, bologna sausage, fried eggplant, and broccoli. If you add the topping "half-boiled egg" (+90 yen), it will be well entwined with the pasta noodles along with the Japanese-style peperoncino sauce, and you can enjoy a rich taste. The price is 710 yen, and the drink set menu is 50 yen off. Half-boiled egg toppings start at 800 yen, with a 50 yen discount on the drink set menu.

Cafe de Clie "Pasta sausage and fried eggplant peperoncino"