Meisei Botejyu "Meisei Botejyu Extra Thick Pork Yakisoba".
(Image taken from the official website)

Meisei Botejyu Extra Thick Pork


Meisei Shokuhin will release the cup yakisoba "Meisei Botejyu Extra Thick Pork Umesoba". The product will go on sale on February 13. The 178 gram cup is priced at 278 yen (excluding tax).


Botejyu, with its main branch in Dotonbori, Osaka, is known as the originator of Osaka okonomiyaki, founded in 1946. The restaurant has opened widely throughout Japan and is one of the most popular okonomiyaki restaurants in the country.

Yakisoba has also been sold since its establishment. "Hiden no Yakisoba", which focuses on noodles and sauce, was introduced as a cup noodle by Meisei in July 2021 and was well received for its authentic quality. This will be the second time it has been released.

Meisei Botejyu Extra Thick Pork


"Meisei Botejyu Extra Thick Pork Yakisoba" is newly loaded with gari mayo, a popular ingredient in the Botejyu lineup, and has 30% more ingredients (pork and cabbage) than the previous release for a more satisfying experience. This yakisoba with sweet and rich sauce has a restaurant-inspired sticky texture of extra-thick noodles, powerful pork flavor, and a savory aroma as if it were grilled on a teppan.

The noodles are thick and glutinous, and the sauce is well mixed with the noodles. The sauce is Worcestershire sauce with pork and tomato flavor, and sweet and rich sauce with aroma of pork belly and tomato sauce oil. The special mayo is a garlic-flavored white mayo sauce inspired by the restaurant's garimayo.

Ingredients are chashu chips and cabbage. Both have been increased by 30% from the previous product released in July 2021. Furikake is a combination of shaved bonito flakes and aosa seaweed.