BTS "TinyTAN" "Chocolate with acrylic magnet

BTS Chocolate with Acrylic Magnet

Hanesto will sell "TinyTAN Chocolate with Acrylic Magnet Butter" and "TinyTAN Chocolate with Acrylic Magnet Sweet Dreams" will be on sale. Special price for Valentine's Day only, from 1,400 yen to 1,188 yen (including tax). The release date is January 24.

TinyTAN Chocolate with Acrylic Magnet

"Butter" and "Sweet Dreams" are available in two types, each containing 6 pieces of design chocolate with TinyTAN characters and an acrylic magnet.



White chocolate designs are applied on top of milk chocolate, allowing for the delicate expression of text and photographs. The chocolates contain TinyTAN's message of hope and courage.

Seven character designs (there are 20 messages for each character). The set includes 6 pieces (random). Size is approx. 30mm x 30mm.

Acrylic Magnets

Acrylic magnets with TinyTAN character designs. 7 types of designs. 1 piece (random). Size is approx. 55mm x 55mm.

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