Kappa Sushi "Tokusen Ebomaki", "Gorgeous 11 Kinds of Seafood Ebomaki", "Natural Tuna Ebomaki".


Sushi will be offering "Tokusen Ebomaki", "


11 Kinds of Seafood Ebomaki", and "Natural Tuna Ebomaki" from Friday, January 27 to Friday, February 3. Reservations can be made in-store, via the app, or on the web.

Kappa Sushi's "Ebomaki" will be on sale in 2023

. Ebomaki" is a traditional Japanese dish that is eaten on Setsubun, the day that marks the turning of the seasons, and is said to bring good luck if eaten silently while facing the direction of blessings. The direction of "eho" is the direction where the god Toshitokujin, who presides over the year's blessings, is located, and is considered to be "the most auspicious direction of the year. This year, the direction of blessings is south-southeast.

Kappa Sushi has prepared three types of ehoumaki with the hope that 2023 will be a year of smiles. Each roll is filled with good fortune and deliciousness.

Tokusen ehoumaki

: Kappa Sushi's standard ehoumaki rolls are filled with specially selected ingredients that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. There are six kinds of fillings: moderately sweet shrimp, Kappa Sushi's original and popular squid salad (salad gunkan material), shrimp, thick-baked egg, dried gourd, and cucumber.

Kappa Sushi "Tokusen Ebomaki

Each roll measures approximately 18 cm in length and is priced at 421 yen (tax included).

Natural tuna ehomaki

with natural tuna tuna tuna fillet, natural tuna fillet with negi tuna, shiso leaves, cucumber and sesame seeds. You can enjoy the Negitoro made from the king of tuna, which has a strong flavor. It is served in a size that even children and women can easily eat and at an affordable price.

Kappa Sushi "Gorgeous 11 Kinds of Seafood Ehomaki

The size is about 9 cm (half size). The price is 918 yen per piece (tax included).

Gorgeous 11 Kinds of Seafood Ebomaki

: A satisfying ehomaki that allows you to enjoy seafood and other delicacies. It is filled with Kappa Sushi's popular items. Ingredients include medium fatty tuna, tuna, negi tuna, salmon, shrimp, eel, salmon roe, thick-boiled egg, dried gourd, shiso leaves, and cucumber.

Kappa Sushi "Natural tuna ehomaki

The size is approximately 18 cm and the price is 1,058 yen per piece (tax included).