Kappa Sushi "Kappa Sushi Special Ehomaki" "Luxury 11 Kinds of Seafood Ehomaki" "Natural Tuna Ehomaki"

At Kappa Sushi, "Kappa Sushi's Special Ehomaki," "11 Luxury Seafood Ehomaki," and "Natural Hon-Sushi Ehomaki" will be on sale from January 28th to February 3rd. Reservations are being accepted.

Special Ehomaki of Kappa Sushi

Kappa Sushi original Ehomaki with 7 kinds of ingredients (shrimp, egg, shrimp rag, dried pyo, salad ingredients, cucumber, tobiko). You can enjoy the sweetness of shrimp and the bubble wrap texture of soboro. Approximately 18 cm, the price is 421 yen per bottle (tax included, same below).

Kappa Sushi "Kappa Sushi Special Ehomaki"

11 kinds of gorgeous seafood ehomaki

A slightly luxurious Ehomaki that is packed with the flavor of seafood. The fillings are large shrimp, tuna, medium toro, salmon, eel, dried salmon roe, salmon roe, large leaves, cucumber, egg, and negitoro. You can feel the satisfaction as if you were eating a gorgeous seafood bowl. It is about 18 cm and the price is 1,058 yen per bottle.

Kappa Sushi "11 kinds of gorgeous seafood ehomaki"

Ehomaki of natural tuna

Ehomaki is a luxurious use of "natural" tuna among the "tuna" called the king of tuna. Since it is difficult to purchase natural tuna, 50 limited editions are sold at each store. Early reservation is recommended. Easy half size (about 9 cm), price is 810 yen per bottle.

Kappa Sushi "Natural Tuna Ehomaki"