KALDI "Original Indian Curry Butter Chicken" renewed

KALDI Indian Curry Series Renew

ed Three flavors of the popular Indian curry series "Butter Chicken," "Chana Masala," and "Palak Paneer" will be renewed and sold at KALDI Coffee Farm.

Original Indian Curry Butter Chicken

This long-selling Indian curry has been well-loved since its introduction in 2012. Based on a generous amount of tomatoes and fried onions, it is enriched with cashew nuts, butter, and coconut milk to create a rich, creamy taste and a moderate spiciness with 10 different spices. Priced at 342 yen (tax included, same below).

KALDI "Original Indian Curry Butter Chicken" renewed

Original Indian Curry with Chana Masala

This Indian curry is made with chana dal (chickpeas), which have a chewy texture, and tomatoes that give it an acidic flavor. The addition of more spices and sauteed onions makes the dish more stimulating, richer, and more satisfying. Price: 312 yen.

KALDI's "Original Indian Curry Chana Masala" renewed

Original Indian Curry Palak Paneer

An authentic Indian curry based on the flavor of plenty of spinach and komatsuna greens, with special cottage cheese. The addition of more spices and garlic, as well as green chili peppers, gives it a light and sharp taste. The price is 345 yen.

KALDI's "Original Indian Curry Palak Paneer" renewed