KALDI Coffee Farm "Original Delicious Spicy Sauce"
Hot summer is the hottest thing!

At KALDI Coffee Farm, "spicy products" that focus on spicy ingredients will appear one after another. In addition to chili peppers, we also have a lineup of wasabi and Japanese pepper products.

"Original Habanero Curry" is a product made by adding habanero puree to the sweet curry of stir-fried onions. The intense spiciness that comes after the faint sweetness is addictive. The price is 288 yen (tax included, same below).

KALDI Coffee Farm "Original Danger of Eating? Habanero Curry"
Is it dangerous to eat?

"Moheji Hokkaido-made chilled ramen Yamawasabi soy sauce" is a product that combines chewy cold-dried noodles with a soup that allows you to enjoy the aroma and spiciness of Hokkaido-produced wasabi. You can enjoy it as a chilled ramen by adding ice to the soup. The price is 178 yen.

KALDI Coffee Farm "Moheji Cold Ramen Yama Wasabi Soy Sauce Made in Hokkaido"
Discerning noodles

"Moheji chilled Sansho Chazuke" is a source of Ochazuke with refreshing Japanese pepper. If you cool it well, the taste will be more pronounced. The price is 199 yen.

KALDI Coffee Farm "Moheji Chilled Sansho Chazuke"
It looks good after drinking

"Original Sriracha Potato Chips" is a potato chip with Thai hot sauce "Sriracha Chili Sauce" flavor. It seems that chili and garlic are heard in the moderate acidity. The price is 192 yen.

KALDI Coffee Farm
Bright red package

In addition, "Original delicious spicy sauce" (415 yen) and "Original Mahler Okaki" (152 yen) are also on sale. The handling status of products varies depending on the store.

KALDI Coffee Farm "Original Marler Okaki"
Okaki etc.