KALDI Coffee Farm "Original Shikuwasa Cold Noodles"
It seems to be summer!

At KALDI Coffee Farm, various products using refreshing Shikuwasa will be on sale from July 2nd to July 31st (the handling status of the products varies depending on the store).

"Moheji Shikuwasa Miso" is Shinshu miso with the acidity of Shikuwasa juice and the flavor of chopped ginger. It goes well with meat as well as vegetables, and you can enjoy various arrangements such as making it a sauce for grilled meat or stir-frying it with minced meat and wrapping it in lettuce. The price is 438 yen (tax included, same below).

KALDI Coffee Farm "Moheji Shikuwasa Miso"
Enjoy the arrangement

"Original Shikuwasa Pork Curry" is a pork curry containing bitter gourd and Shikuwasa fruit juice. The unique acidity of shikuwasa, the bittersweet bitterness of bitter gourd, and the aroma of spices make it a perfect dish for summer. The price is 324 yen.

KALDI Coffee Farm "Original Citrus Depressa Pork Curry"
Refreshing curry

"Moheji Shikuwasa Ice" is a shikuwasa ice cream with a crispy texture. It is said that the sweetness is modest and the aftertaste is refreshing. The price is 124 yen.

KALDI Coffee Farm "Moheji Shikuwasa Ice"
Looks good

In addition, "Moheji Shikuwasa Dressing" (429 yen), "Original Shikuwasa Cold Noodles" (264 yen), "Original Okinawa Shikuwasa Sour Non-alcoholic" (135 yen), etc. will be on sale.

KALDI Coffee Farm "Moheji Shikuwasa Dressing"