Gyukaku "Gyukaku Karubi Sakari" (Gyukaku beef ribs with a hearty appetite)
Gyukaku Karubi Sashimi with all your might

Gyukaku Omokkiri Gyukaku Karubi M

ashiri Gyukaku will introduce "Omokkiri Gyukaku Karubi Mashiri" from Gyukaku. This limited-time menu item, which has a volume of 1 pound per plate, will be available from November 28, 2022 to January 9, 2023. Sales will be suspended from December 30, 2022 to January 3, 2023. The price is 3,058 yen (tax included).

The "Gyukaku Kalubi Kalubi Sakari" is a

limited time menu item at 1 lb. per plate

, prepared in honor of "Good Meat Day" on November 29. The signature "Gyukaku Karubi" is juicy, tasty, and moderately marbled, and is served in a super-heavy one-pound portion, or approximately 450 grams.

Gyukaku "Gyukaku Omokkiri Gyukaku Karubi Sakari

Each Gyukaku Karubi is cut in the restaurant to ensure that it is delivered in the freshest condition. It also tastes great with the separately sold "kalbi-specific rice," which is a combination of rice, yakiniku sauce, green onions, and Korean seaweed. It is recommended to put the grilled kalbi on the rice and eat it vigorously. The price of the kalbi rice is 319 yen for a small size, 429 yen for a medium size, and 649 yen for a large size.

Gyukaku "Gyukaku Omokkiri Gyukaku Karubi-zari" and "Karubi-only Gohan
Gyukaku Gyukaku Kalubi Sashimi" and "Kalubi Gohan" (special rice for kalubi)