Tendon Tenya "New Year's Eve Tempura
New Year's Eve Tempura



New Year's Eve Tempura

Tendon Tenya will be offering three types of New Year's Eve Tempura. The "Kotobuki", "Kiwami", and "Natural Oebi 2-pack" can be ordered in-store with advance payment from November 24 to December 29, and can be picked up in-store on December 31.

New Year's Eve Tempura has been sold at Tendon Tenya for about 30 years as an offering for the table on New Year's Eve to close out the year. The number of reservations varies from store to store and will be closed when the maximum number is reached. Some stores do not accept reservations.


Kotobuki is a New Year's Eve family pack that includes the popular shrimp, a year-end sea bream, Tenya's first rice cake wrapper, two servings each of squid, scallop, lotus root, and eggplant, and a two-serving pack of Jindaiji fresh soba. Soba-tsuyu (buckwheat sauce) is not included. The price is 2,000 yen (tax included).

Tendon Tenya "Kotobuki

The "


" package is a premium New Year's Eve set that includes a combination of "natural giant shrimp," "Japanese conger eel (fillet)," and "snow crab," as well as "shiitake mushrooms," which are full of flavor, "squid," "scallop," "lotus root," "crown daisy and red core radish kakiage" for two servings each, and two packets of "Jindaiji fresh buckwheat noodles" for two servings. and two packs of "Jindaiji Nama Soba" for two servings. Soba-tsuyu (buckwheat sauce) is not included. The price is 3,600 yen.

Tendon Tenya "Kiwami


of 2 natural prawns "Set of 2 natural prawns" includes only 2 "natural prawns". The set does not include "Jindaiji Nama Soba". Price is 1,000 yen.

Tendon Tenya "Set of 2 natural giant prawns
Natural giant prawn 2 pcs. set