Fukubukuro 2023 "HOPPIN' GARAGE Fukubukuro

Fukubukuro 2023 Beer

Sapporo Beer will sell a limited quantity of "HOPPIN' GARAGE Fukubukuro". The bags will be on sale from November 14 to December 18, and will be shipped sequentially after December 19. The "Pine" 120 sets, "Bamboo" 1,000 sets, and "Plum" 2,000 sets will be available.


' GARAGE Fukubukuro "HOPPIN' GARAGE Fukubukuro" will be available in three items: "Pine", "Bamboo", and "Plum", each of which includes an assortment of five popular HOPPIN' GARAGE products released to date and limited edition goods. In addition to the brand's flagship beer, "Uncle Hoppin' Beer," the lineup includes "HOPPIN' GARAGE Clichy and Ruby" and "HOPPIN' GARAGE Inca Door," as well as the newly released "HOPPIN' GARAGE RAP & BEER" lineup.

The limited-edition goods include New Year's Day Masu with "HOPPIN' GARAGE" branding. The "Matsu" set includes T-shirts created in collaboration with the apparel brand "Wear BEER" by the Uesuzuki brothers of the rap group P.O.P., who are the organizers of the "HOPPIN' GARAGE RAP & BEER" event.

Fukubukuro 2023 "HOPPIN' GARAGE Fukubukuro

The pine set is priced at 12,980 yen (tax included, same below), the bamboo set at 7,480 yen, and the plum set at 4,480 yen.