Summer Pils" supervised by Sapporo Beer Garden

Sapporo Beer will sell a limited quantity of Sapporo Beer Garden Summer Pils on June 7. Alcohol content is 5%; 350 ml and 500 ml cans. The price is open.

Sapporo Biergarten Summer Pils

Sapporo Beer Garden Summer Pils is a limited edition beer brewed under the supervision of Sapporo Beer Garden, which opened in Sapporo, Hokkaido in 1966 and has been loved by local residents and many tourists. It was released last year and was very popular. It is characterized by a refreshing taste like the summer sky of Hokkaido, where the umami of barley and the aroma of refreshing hops can be enjoyed at the same time. The package design features the Sapporo Beer Garden logo in the center and a blue gradation like the summer sky of Hokkaido.