Sapporo Beer "Yebisu Hop Terroir

Sapporo Beer will introduce a 350ml (11.83us fl oz) can of "Yebisu Hop Terroir", which will be available in limited quantities from November 22. The estimated price is 258 yen per bottle (excluding tax). YEBISU BAR and TAPS BY YEBISU will also sell the keg draft.

Yebisu Hop Terroir

The first Yebisu Hop Terroir was introduced in November 2021 and was so well received that the second Yebisu Hop Terroir is now available. Hops from Jatec, one of the oldest towns in the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic, are used in this beer, which is considered to be of the highest quality in terms of both aroma and bitterness, and it is said to be a beer where the single hop flavor can be enjoyed. The alcohol content is 5%.

According to Sapporo Beer, the Czech Republic is the birthplace of the pilsner-type beer widely popular in Japan, and it is said that the Roman emperor at the time, Karl IV, loved Jatez hops so much that he banned their seedlings from the country. The hops of Jatetsu, which had been protected for hundreds of years, faced a crisis of quality decline due to a virus around 1970, but the quality was restored again with the technical guidance of Sapporo Beer. This time, 100% fine aroma hops from Jatetsu were used and added twice, reportedly to create a gorgeous aroma, bitterness, and mellow flavor.

The packaging was inspired by the hop fields of Jatetsu, incorporating a design that makes it look as if you are walking through a field. The back of the can features a presentation of the terroir of the field and the story of the hops. The two-dimensional code on the side of the can and on the six-pack package can be scanned with a smartphone or other device to view Jatetsu's hop fields and cityscape.