Pino series "Pino pistachio"

Check out 5 gourmet articles that are attracting attention for eating! Limited time "Pino Pistachio" and summer classic "Watermelon Juice". * Click each product name link to jump to the detailed article page.

Pino pistachio

"Pino Pistachio " will be released from the ice brand "Pino" series. A bite-type ice cream made by coating fragrant pistachio ice cream mixed with pistachio paste with milk chocolate with pistachio-flavored toppings.

Pino series "Pino pistachio"

Speedy package

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the opening of McDonald's first store in Japan, a special package designed with McDonald's character "Speedy" in the early days of the United States will be available for a limited time for some products.

Special package designed by McDonald's character "Speedy"

Watermelon juice

The summer staple product " Watermelon Juice " series is now available at PRONTO. "Watermelon juice" and "Summer watermelon vacation" will be on sale at cafe time.

PRONTO Summer staple product "Watermelon Juice"

Fukushima Prefecture White Peach Mille Crepes

"Milan Sand B Hokkaido Salmon and Shrimp Basil Sauce", " Fukushima Prefecture White Peach Mille Crepes " and "Okinawa Prefecture Pine Yogurt" will be on sale at Doutor Coffee Shop.

Doutor "Mille crêpes of white peach from Fukushima prefecture"

Ball ice cushion BIG

Limited to the amusement facilities "Morley Fantasy" and "PALO" and the online crane game "Morley Online", prize games " Imuraya Ball Ice Cushion BIG " and "Imuraya Ball Ice Cushion Mascot" will be rolled out in sequence.

Molly Fantasy "Imuraya Ball Ice Cushion BIG"