PRONTO "Ice Triple Cacao Latte" "Thick Hot Chocolate"

"Ice Triple Cacao Latte" and "Thick Hot Chocolate" will be on sale on January 17th at PRONTO's cafe time.

Ice triple cacao latte

"Ice Triple Cacao Latte" is a rich chocolate drink that uses "Amazon Cacao", "Cacao Fruit (a rare white pulp that can only be taken about 5% of the total cacao that wraps cacao beans)" and "Cacao Nibs". While enjoying the fruity acidity and firm cacao feeling produced by cacao fruit, it is a cup that is particular about sweetness with plenty of chocolate whipped cream and cocoa cookie toppings. The price is 616 yen (tax included, same below).

Rich hot chocolate

Amazon cacao and cacao fruit are also used in the "rich hot chocolate" to create a hot chocolate with a stronger cacao feel. It is a drink that enjoys chocolate that is perfect for the coming season. The price is 440 yen.

The new product released this time uses "Agroforestry Cacao," which leads to a sustainable future. "Agriculture that creates forests", which began in Tomé-Açu, Pará, Brazil, is called "agroforestry" and is cultivated while coexisting various agricultural and forestry crops released into the natural ecosystem on the devastated land after deforestation. It is a farming method. It is a seasonal drink using "Agroforestry Cacao" made by this farming method that supports the stable life of farmers and contributes to reforestation.