Famous Confectionery Miniature Collection Vol. 3" from Ken Elephant
(Image taken from the official website)

Ken-Elephant will release "Famous Confectionery Miniature Collection Vol.3", available at capsule toy stores, hobby stores, online stores, bookstores, Ken-Ele Stand Akihabara, Shinbashi Station, Shinkoiwa, Gransta Tokyo, Ueno Land, Ken-Ele Lagoon, etc. nationwide from October. Starts sequentially. Prices are 400 yen for a capsule and 440 yen for a box (both including tax).

The third miniature collection of famous confectioneries

The third edition of the "Meisu Confectionary Miniatures Collection" will include a total of five varieties, each with the manufacturer's specified ratio. Delicious confections turned into realistic and cute miniature figures! The third volume features a large collection of unique confections from long-established confectionaries to the most talked-about confectionaries. The detailed modeling can be enjoyed as a full-fledged collection or as a gift along with the confectionary. This is a complete lineup that can be played with in combination with the first and second volumes, which are sold separately. A total of five types are available as follows

1. baumkuchen from UHEIM Co.
(2) Koubai K.K. Oshikashi no Koubai Honor no Jintaiko (Sweets of Honor)
3. d'Arroyo Japon Co., Ltd. assorted macarons
4. kamakurabeniya kurumicco, inc.
5. Jelly no Ye Jelly Assortment