The third edition of the "Pleasure with Sake Miniature Collection" from KenElephant.

Ken-Elephant will be selling the third edition of the Sake Aru Etsudo Miniature Collection. The third drink from the very popular Sake Aruku series will be available starting in mid-October at capsule toy stores, hobby stores, online stores, bookstores, KenElephant Akihabara Store, Shinbashi Station Store, Shin-Koiwa Store, Gransta Tokyo Store, Ueno Land, KenElephant Lagoon, and other stores nationwide. Prices are 400 yen for a capsule and 440 yen for a box (both including tax).

Sake Aru Etsudo Miniature Collection Vol. 3

From the very popular Sake Aru Etsudo series comes the third installment! There are a total of five types, and the lineup is as follows

1. sangaku - Yakushima no bounty - with bottle keep tag!
2. special gold Kamotsuru - for sunny days and special occasions
3. oni koroshi, oni koroshi shiboritate - Nihon makari is good sake - with ball chain!
Kodama Lemon Sour Set and Kodama Lime Sour Set - Retro Taste
Either "Kodama Lemon Sour" or "Kodama Lime Sour" is included. Comes with a sticker!
5. mega highball chinchillorin set - the original chinchillorin

The image shown is a sample under development and may differ slightly from the actual product.