Yakiniku Kingu Miniature Collection


Kingu Miniature Collection "Yakiniku Kingu Miniature Collection" will be released by KenElephant in late March. Ken-Elephant's online store is now accepting pre-orders for a blind box of 6 pieces.

The lineup includes five different tabletop "Yakiniku Kingu" miniature figures that can be enjoyed at home. Available in two forms: capsule toy and blind box.

Yakiniku Kingu Miniature Collection


Karubi Set

Kingu Karubi, a rare and famous product, is a rare part of beef that can only be obtained from a single cow weighing about 500g (17.64oz). The set is a sizzling presentation of this delicacy, with its delicious meaty flavor and sweet fat. The slit and thickness of the "Kingu Karubi" were carefully calculated and developed after repeated comparisons with the real menu item. Only one piece of sanchu is a separate part, allowing you to recreate the scene of eating it wrapped in sanchu.

Yakiniku Kingu Miniature Collection

Size (approx.): Kingu Karubi W2.5cm / Kingu Karubi (plate) W3.6cm / Tongs W4.5cm / Sanchu (including plate) W3.9cm / Sanchu Miso W1.5cm / Removable plate 2.5cm / Chopsticks W4.4cm.

Thick-Cut Beef Tongue


The "thick-cut beef tongue" can be ordered with the premium course before grilling. Two types of beef tongue parts are included: a pre-cooked beef tongue part and a moderately cooked beef tongue part. The cooked beef tongue parts are separated into individual pieces, so they can be displayed on the rice figure.

Yakiniku Kingu Miniature Collection

The rice bowl and rice parts are non-adhesive, so you can recreate the scene where the rice is about to be eaten with the thickly sliced beef tongue, or you can recreate the scene where the rice has been completely eaten.

Size (approx.): Beef tongue (1 piece) each W1.4cm / Beef tongue (plate) W2.9cm / Rice W2.3cm / Removable plate 2.5cm / Tongs W4.5cm / Chopsticks W4.4cm.

A Handful of Cold Noodles Set

Combined with "apricot jelly", perfect for a palate cleanser after eating lots of meat, to create a final order The set includes the following items. It is devised to represent noodles floating in clear soup.

Yakiniku Kingu Miniature Collection

Size (approx.): Hitokuchi cold noodle W2.5cm / Apricot jelly W1.1cm / Vinegar H1.9cm / Spoon W2cm / Chopsticks W4.4cm.

Menu & Roaster

The "Yakiniku Kingu" roaster, calculated to provide the best tasting yakiniku, including the heat power, is made into a figure. The roaster's wire mesh is made of clear parts with uneven surfaces and painted in silver.

Yakiniku Kingu Miniature Collection

The stove in the center of the table is also made of clear parts. The top part is painted silver, but we dared to create several unpainted parts to express the LED inside leaking out from the clear parts and emitting fire. A wire mesh part covers the clear part to diffuse the light and make it look beautiful.

Yakiniku Kingu Miniature Collection

Size (approx.): Roaster W4.4 x D4.4 x H2.3 cm / Menu W3 cm.

* Wire mesh of roaster can be removed.
* Menu contents are as of June 2022.

Touch panel

& 3 kinds of sauces

A set of 3 kinds of Yakiniku Kingu's signature sauces that maximize the flavor of meat and a touch panel. The basic Yakiniku Kingu sauces, "Lemon Sauce," "Sweet Sauce," and "Specialty Hon-dare," have been developed to look just like the real thing in terms of color. The touch panel can be detached from the base.

Yakiniku Kingu Miniature Collection

Size (approx.): Touch panel W4.8 x H3.7 cm / Special Hon-dare H2.7 cm / Lemon-dare and Amaguchi-dare H1.9 cm each / Dish W3.2 cm.

* Menu contents are current as of June 2022.

[Product Specifications]
Materials: ABS, PVC, PP, batteries, LED, paper
Retail price: Capsule Toys: 500 yen per capsule (including tax), Blind Box: 550 yen per blind box (including tax)
Sales method: Capsule Machine (capsule toy), Blind Box
Sales locations: Capsule Toys sales outlets nationwide, hobby stores, online stores, Loft (some stores), some bookstores, KenEle Stand Akihabara Store, Shimbashi Station Store, Gransta Yaekita Store, Ueno Land, KenEle Lagoon, etc.
Planning, production and sales agency: KenElephant Co.

* The built-in battery is not replaceable.
Specifications may differ from actual product.
This product is intended for ages 15 and up.
The product is sold in a blind format, which means that the contents cannot be seen. The product is sold in a blind format, with the contents not visible.
Stock status and sales start date may vary by store.