From Ken Elephant's "Japan Nationwide Food Chain Miniature Collection."
(Image taken from the official website)

Ken-Elephant will sell the interior figure "Japan Nationwide Food Chain Miniature Collection" from August at capsule toy stores, hobby stores, online stores, bookstores, Ken-Ele Stand Akihabara Store, Shinbashi Station Store, Shinkoiwa Store, Gransta Tokyo Store, Ueno Land, and KenEle Lagoon, and others. Prices are 500 yen for a capsule and 550 yen for a box (both including tax). Contents are random.

Nationwide Food Chain Miniature Collection

Chain foods from all over Japan are now available as palm-sized miniature figures. There are a total of 5 kinds, and the lineup is as follows

1. Ajino Ogura Chicken Nanban
2. go-go curry loin cutlet curry
3. Jef Main Store Noodle Burger Set
4. Flying Garden No. 1 Bomb Hamburger
5. Yamada Udon Shokudo - Tempura Udon

Familiar menu items have been made into cute miniatures! Why not display your favorite dish?

The images shown are samples under development and may differ slightly from the actual product.