Ken Elephant "Famous Confectionery Miniature Collection Vol. 4"

Ken-Elephant Meika Miniature Collection Vol. 4

Ken-Elephant will sell a miniature figure "Meika Miniature Collection Vol. 4". The price is 550 yen for a box and 500 yen for a capsule (both including tax). The contents are random.

Meika Miniature Collection Vol.


The popular "Meika Miniature Collection" will have its 4th edition. Enjoy the heart-pounding miniatures of these delicious confections. There are 5 kinds in total, and the lineup is as follows

Ken-Elephant Meishin Miniature Collection Vol. 4

1. Kameju Kameju no Dorayaki
with a paper box with wrapping paper pattern!

2. Ginza Wakamatsu Ganso Anmitsu
Comes with a serving bowl!

Melting Pot Harapeko Labo K.K. Koubutsu Wokashi 9 grain collection box (amber sugar)
You can get 3 grains!

4. YAMASHICHI FOODS CORPORATION Ningyo-yaki, with a sleeve of the same pattern as the wrapping paper!
You can take 3 pieces!

5. Tamaya Sohonten Corporation Noshi-Ume (Japanese apricot plum)
It comes with a sticker with a bamboo bark pattern!

The "Famous Sweets Miniature Collection Vol. 4" is so cute that you will want to complete the collection. Why don't you pick one up when you see it?

The images shown are samples under development and may differ slightly from the actual product.