Lotteria "Immoral 300% Cheese Exquisite Cheeseburger"

Lotteria will sell the "Immorality 300% Cheese Exquisite Cheeseburger" from October 13 to mid-February (except at some stores). The "Betrayal 200% Cheese Excellent Cheeseburger" and "Betrayal Cheese Excellent Cheeseburger" will also go on sale on the same day.

Immorality 300% Cheese Exquisite Cheeseburger

The "Immorality 300% Cheese Exquisite Cheeseburger" is available for a limited time only and is a must-have for cheese lovers, as Lotteria wants customers to enjoy the taste of cheeseburgers only available at Lotteria. The exquisite cheese hamburger patty is coarsely ground beef up to approximately 8mm, seasoned with salt, pepper and oregano, combined with two types of natural cheese, grilled to a juicy perfection, and topped with a luxurious blend of four types of cheese: Camembert cheese, white cheddar cheese, mascarpone cheese and cream cheese from Hokkaido. Topped with approximately three times more cheese sauce than the "Betrayal Cheese Exquisite Cheese Burger". Priced at 660 yen (10% tax included, same as below).

Lotteria "Immoral 300% Cheese Exquisite Cheeseburger"

Betrayal 200% Cheese Exquisite Cheeseburger

Four-cheese sauce from Hokkaido is doubled in quantity from the "Betrayal Cheese Exquisite Cheese Burger". Priced at 580 yen.

Lotteria "Immorality 200% Cheese - Excellent Cheeseburger"

Betrayal Cheese Exquisite Cheese Burger

Exquisite cheese hamburger patty topped with a luxurious cheese sauce. Price: 500 yen.

Lotteria "Betrayal Cheese - Excellent Cheeseburger".

From October 13th to October 31st, present the coupon from the official Lotteria website at the cash register when ordering and receive a special set price of 50 yen off the Furu Potato Set, which includes the burger, Furu Potato and a "Drink M".

The special set price is 1,050 yen for the "Immoral 300% Cheese Zested Cheeseburger," 970 yen for the "Immoral 200% Cheese Zested Cheeseburger," and 890 yen for the "Immoral Cheese Zested Cheeseburger.