Tyrol Chocolate [Namaomochi Kyo-Kinako].

Chirorucoco will release "Chirorucoco [Namaomochi Kyo Kinako]" on October 17. The estimated price is 45 yen (including tax).

Tyrol Chocolate [Nama-Mochi Kyo-Kinako

The "Tyrol Chocolate [Nama-Mochi Kyo-Kinako]" is a product that allows you to enjoy authentic kinako (soybean flour) in a single piece. The product is accented with Kuromitsu sauce, giving the chocolate a Japanese confectionary-like appearance. The aromatic kinako chocolate matches the soft texture of the raw rice cake covered with kyo kinako.

Tyrol Chocolate [Namaomochi Kyo-Kinako].

Kyo kinako" is a fine-textured, deeply roasted soybean flour. It has a rich soybean aroma and is often used in Kyoto sweets, which require a refined sweetness.

Two types of individual packages are available: red and gold. The glittering pattern on the background expresses the elegant glamour of kyo kinako.

Tyrol Chocolate [Namaomochi Kyo-Kinako].

Some stores do not carry this product.
Sales will end as soon as the product is sold out.

Tyrol Chocolate

Chiroruchoco was born from the idea of "bringing children the luxury chocolate of the time for 10 yen. In addition to the standard popular products, a variety of collaborative products, seasonal products, and challenging new flavors have been released, bringing the total number of flavors to over 500.