Yuzu Mitsu Sour" from Suntory.

Suntory's "Horoiyoi" series will release "Horoiyoi [Yuzu Mitsu Sour]". It will go on sale on November 15. It will be available in 350 ml cans for 148 yen (excluding tax).

Horoiyoi Yuzu Mitsu Sour

The "Horoiyoi Yuzu Mitsu Sour" has a refreshing sourness of yuzu and a gentle sweetness of honey, creating a "heartwarming" flavor. The package is based on the image of yuzu and honey in orange and snow white, gently depicting a warm winter scene.


Since its launch in 2009, "Horoiyoi" has been a long-selling brand supported by people of all ages as an easy-to-drink alcoholic beverage with a gentle taste. It is also well received for its diverse flavor lineup.