Renewal of "Horoiyoi (Iced Tea Sour)".

Suntory will release a renewed version of "Horoiyoi (Iced


Sour)" in early December and thereafter. It will be 350 ml in volume and priced at 148 yen (excluding tax). The alcohol content is 3%.

The new "

Horoiyoi [Iced Tea Sour]"

has a more refreshing flavor that brings out the aroma of black tea and the freshness of lemon. The package features an illustration of iced tea and the phrase "refreshingly fragrant," making it easy to understand the flavor.


"Horoiyoi" has been a long-selling brand loved by people of all ages since its launch in 2009 as a 3% alcohol beverage with a gentle and pleasant taste. It is also popular for its diverse lineup of flavors.

The popular "Horoiyoi [Iced Tea Sour]" is now available in a renewed form! It looks like a good choice for an evening drink on a day when you want to relax. Fans of Horoiyoi and black tea flavors should pick up a bottle when they see it.