CRAFT-196℃ (Craft Ichi-Chu-Loku) [Love Melon] for a limited time only.

Suntory CRAFT-196°C〈Aishinomelon

CRAFT-196℃〈My beloved melon〉. Limited time offer. The 350ml (11.83us fl oz) can is priced at 156 yen and the 500ml (16.91us fl oz) can is priced at 212 yen (both excluding tax). The alcohol content is 5%.



Melon] is made by adding Suntory's proprietary white rum to Yubari melon macerated alcohol produced using the "-196°C process. Suntory's proprietary white rum is added to the "-196°C" Yubari melon infused sake. The fresh aroma of Yubari melon and its rich, mild sweetness can be enjoyed.

The package features an illustration of the fruit on a colorful, hand-drawn background. The new brand logo and "limited edition" icon express the craftsman's commitment and special flavor.


"CRAFT-196℃" is made with Suntory's proprietary "-196℃ process" for macerating fruit, as well as using unique ingredients to bring out the characteristics of the fruit with the "brewer's idea. This is a series that enhances the characteristics of fruit with the "creator's idea".

The price is not binding on the retailers' voluntary pricing.