-196°C Strong Zero [Double Pineapple] from Suntory


-196℃ Strong Zero〈Double P

ineapple〉 Suntory will release -196℃ Strong Zero〈Double Pineapple〉 for a limited time. The 350 ml bottle will be priced at 148 yen, and the 500 ml bottle will be priced at 200 yen (both excluding tax). It contains 9% alcohol by volume.

Suntory's unique "-196℃

Strong Zero Double Pineapple"

is made by adding fruit juice to pineapple maceration alcohol produced by Suntory's proprietary "-196℃ process. It is characterized by the sweet and sour fruitiness of pineapple and the satisfying drinkability of 9% alcohol by volume. The package depicts an illustration of a fresh fruit, expressing the "fruity taste of pineapple," which is the characteristic of the flavor.


Strong Zero "-196°C Strong Zero" is a popular canned chu-hi that goes well with meals. The drink offers a robust, fruity taste with zero purine (less than 0.5mg per 100ml (3.38us fl oz) is considered "purine-free") and zero sugar (less than 0.5g (0.18oz) per 100ml (3.38us fl oz) is considered "sugar-free" in accordance with food labeling standards).