"Sapporo Lager Beer" 350ml cans / 500ml cans

From Sapporo Beer, 350ml (11.83us fl oz) cans and 500ml (16.91us fl oz) cans of "Sapporo Lager Beer" will be released again. Items that are usually sold only in large bottles and medium bottles, mainly in the commercial market. It will be available in limited quantities from October 26th.

Sapporo Lager Beer

Sapporo Lager Beer is a historic brand that has continued since it was launched in 1877 (Meiji 10) by the Kaitakushi Brewery, the predecessor of Sapporo Beer. According to Sapporo Beer, the unique taste of heat-treated beer, which cannot be felt with draft beer, is highly evaluated, and it is said that beer lovers support the coolness of living together with history and newness. Alcohol content is 5%.

This time, the cans will be prepared again following May. The design that was popular in 2020 is followed and the current bottle label is faithfully expressed. On the back side, the bottle "Sapporo Lager Beer", which is popular in restaurants, is drawn to enhance the sense of unity.

The red star in the center of the label represents the North Star, which was a symbol of the pioneer messenger, and has been nicknamed "Red Star" by fans for many years.