Mini sof "Mont Blanc Parfait"

The "Mont Blanc Parfait" has been on sale at MINI SOF, a soft-serve ice cream specialty store of MINISTOP, since September 9, 2012. The lineup also includes "NOMU SOFT ICE CREAM MONTBLANC".

Mont Blanc Parfait

Mont Blanc", which was discontinued last year after only about a month of sales due to popular demand, is back as a parfait. Soft serve vanilla ice cream is topped with a fluffy and mildly sweet soufflé roll, and a generous amount of special Mont Blanc cream is squeezed over the top. It is topped with rich, unsweetened whipped cream and a whole, richly astringent chestnut. You can enjoy the taste of sweetened astringent chestnuts and the aroma of marrons spreading softly. The price is 690 yen (tax included).

Mini sof "Mont Blanc Parfait"


The "Nomu Soft Serve Ice Cream Mont Blanc" is a mix of soft serve vanilla ice cream, special marron sauce, and specially selected Hokkaido milk, topped with unsweetened whipped cream and a generous dollop of special Mont Blanc cream. When mixed with the milky marron-flavored drink, the rich Mont Blanc cream gives it a cake-like flavor. You can enjoy the change in flavor until the very end. Priced at 590 yen (tax included).


The price is the same both inside and outside the store.