Coffee House Kura - New Chestnut Sweets - September 2023

Coffee House Kura will sell "Mont Blanc Pancakes" and "Symphony of Marrons" featuring the autumn taste of chestnuts and original Italian marron cream at Coffee House and Coffee House Kura from

September 14 to November 30, 2023

. They will be available from September 14 to November 30.

The two autumn-only products to be released this time focus on the original marron cream. To ensure that the true taste of chestnuts can be fully appreciated, Italian chestnuts are blended in abundance, resulting in a rich, thick, yet smooth melt-in-your-mouth texture. The original Italian marron cream is topped with cocoa powder to add a bitterness, giving it a deep and elegant flavor.

Mont Blanc Hotcakes

An autumn-only version of Coffee House's signature "Traditional Hotcakes," carefully baked on a special copper plate. The hotcakes are topped with Italian marron cream and chestnuts and served with vanilla ice cream. This luxurious hotcake goes well with coffee and allows you to fully enjoy the flavors of autumn. Priced at 1,040 yen for two pieces and 890 yen for one piece.

Coffee House Kura "Mont Blanc Pancakes

Symphony of Marrons:

The store's original handmade charcoal coffee jelly is layered with whipped cream, brown rice flakes, vanilla ice cream, and a generous dollop of Italian marron cream to create a parfait. The flavor changes with each bite. The price is 890 yen.

Coffee House Kura "Symphony of Marrons

Prices at Atre Takeshiba and Yokohama Nihon-Odori are different.
All prices include tax.